About Us


We believe when a woman puts on a delicate lace bra, it positively changes how she feels and sees herself.  It also inspires her to dream.  Our mission is to create products that give women the confidence to chase after those dreams.

Every Allettare design is 100% American made and carefully crafted to ensure the highest quality.


After spending considerable time in Europe and working at an intimate apparel company, Tran Ta realized that there was a shortage of U.S. based luxury lingerie brands that connected to her as a modern day woman who wants it all and whose tastes refine over time.  Tran started Allettare with a desire to create high-quality products that are classic and elegant, while being current and sensual. Through design, she hopes to capture the essence of modern day women and to empower them to be fearless.  

Fearless herself, Tran transitioned from working in the financial services industry to following her passion as a creator.   Growing up, fashion, interior design and architecture fascinated her, but she kept those interests dormant.  Feeling restless, Tran decided to quit her banking job and traveled for 9 months. While in Paris, a stranger encouraged her to take a fashion design course.  Apprehensive about her ability to be a designer, she decided to try it as the risk was minimal and enrolled in a summer course at ESMOD in Paris.  After the realization that design was her passion, Tran has since enrolled at FIT, worked at a lingerie start-up, interned at two brands based in NYC for fashion design and has spent many late nights learning her craft.